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Saturday 10 June 2017 14:00 PM - 16:00 PM

About HyveCamp

A new way of doing business where business is not about self, but about others

Our Story

The idea of HyveCamp started with a few entrepreneurs that had a shared dream of seeing faith-based entrepreneurship reflourish in the world following in the footsteps of entrepreneurs such as James White and John Andrews. They dreamed of creating a new way of doing business that could be used as a powerful agent for social change. The multiplication of these high-impact ventures would result in a beehive of disruptive activity springing up all over the world. It was through this dream that HyveCamp was conceived. HyveCamp is a faith-based community of innovators committed to positively reshaping the worldview and culture of society.

Social Innovation

Thinkers and doers, movers and shakers, inventors and innovators, creators and entrepreneurs are the ones who create the world around us. But only those who use these powers to positively impact society are true innovators.


We care about the life and health of each person. Our planet is the ecosystem that God has created for us and entrusted us with. Every venture we engage in must be a benefit to humanity and the environment.

Love Truth

Curiosity is part of human nature. We naturally strive to advance in knowledge in the scientific, social and spiritual realm. As we understand more of the mystery of truth, we believe it is essential to follow the light that we are given.

Hyve International

The Founding Members

Jesse Zwiker

Co-Founder & President

Markus Witte

Co-Founder & General Vice-President

Andrew Perry

Executive Secretary

Jörn Pfarrkircher


Jens Giller

VP Investor Relations

Jeremy Zwiker

VP Founders

Lyndon Sweeney

Event Management & Marketing

Lorena Ballmer


Michelle Doucoumes


Ernesto Duo


David Meiss


Rivelino Montenegro


Strategic Advisors

Craig Harding

President Of Riverside

Real Estate/Strategy

Phillip Fahie

CEO at VIPassenger


Sidney Sweet

CEO at Sweet Dried Fruit


Ruben Dias

CEO at FasttrackVC

VC/Tech Startups

Otakar Jiránek

CEO at Country Life Prague

Franchising/Health Foods

Dr. Chidi

CEO at Life Colours


Lorand Soares

CEO at Lorand Soares Szasz

Methodology Expert

Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel

Associate Director at General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist